• Complete our membership submission form.

  • Please include any supporting files such as drawings, photos, or documents.

  • If you have more than one, please compress your files into .zip format.

  • Make sure you read and agree to our membership submission agreement.

  • Submit your idea and we will begin the process of reviewing your materials!
  • Once your submission is received, it will go through a review to make sure all information is filled out correctly and accurately. Once your submission is approved for processing, it will go to our initial review committee.*

  • Our initial review committee will review the idea, class or brand for its merit, claims, marketability and uniqueness. If patented, they will verify the patent number and validity.

  • Submission Criteria: Indie Hair Collective is a full service independent education company. We select brands and artists that meet broad based consumer needs of our industry.

  • If we feel your idea does not meet our initial criteria to proceed, we will let you know.If your idea passes our initial evaluation, it will move to Executive Review.*
Indie Hair Collective will not accept submissions in the following categories: Business or Marketing, Product education, or services that are illegal or that may cause harm.
  • Your idea will go through a comprehensive analysis where it will be evaluated based on:
    – Uniqueness and patent-ability (if not already patented)
    – Marketability and market size
    – Design and development analysis
    – Cost estimations to structure, launch and produce
    – Retail viability, price point, & market gap analysis
    – Commercial potential & licensing opportunities
    – Product positioning / road map

  • If your idea is accepted, congratulations! This means that we at Indie Hair Collective believe that your idea has great potential for our markets and we want to work with you!

  • We will now send you an executed commercialization agreement for your signature. If you have not reviewed this already, it discusses how and when you will get paid.

  • One of our dedicated account managers will be assigned to your project. He or she will work with you on the development of your brand, classes and design. They will also discuss our plans and ideas for your platform.

  • The conceptual phase of your platform will be finalized and your brand will begin the design and development phase including, curriculum coaching, preliminary costing, one-on-one educator training, website development, product partner negotiations & branding.

  • We will share your class idea, marketing materials and costings with our top salon hosts in the network & product partners for initial feedback and potential.
    • If our partners like the idea, we will move your idea to the scheduling / organization stage and begin all protective actions required.
    • If we feel your product needs more work or does not have market viability, we will move the product back into the development phase for further evaluation or the idea will be released back to you.
  • During this stage, our sales and marketing teams team will meet with key partners to ensure the ideal placement and positioning for your classes as well as create customer targeted ad sets on Facebook, Instagram and Google AdWords platforms.

  • You and your product will be featured on our website, social channels and to our email lists. We’ll share a little about you and how you came up with your great platform. Additionally, certain membership levels receive dedicated branded sales sites for their classes.
  • Your classes is now being sold and you have become a successful independent educator! Your idea is a reality. You will now enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when you arrive to a class full of students ready to learn from your expertise!

  • We will keep track of sales & scheduling and provide monthly advanced sales reports for your classes. The best part? You will start to receive your sales checks the month we start selling out your classes!